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At Serendipity by Celeste, we offer a beautiful lineup of unique, upscale clothing, accessories and gifts. We cater to women in the range of 35 - 95 years of age who want to look stylish but also age appropriate. Most of all, our customers want comfort in their clothing. Our clothing shop offers all of this including fabulous customer service and reasonable pricing.

Our goal is to provide stylish, upscale, comfortable women clothing at a competitive price. Looking good shouldn’t break the bank. We achieve an excellent balance of style and comfort. We try to feature USA made products when possible.

Our first priority is to make a customer feel welcomed in our boutique shop and to try and provide the product our customers are looking for. We are honest with our customers and offer them guidance and direction when purchasing items here in our store. We are locally owned and operated. Visit our clothing store in Greensboro, NC today!

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